Using AI to Generate Income through Blogging (2023)

Welcome to the world of blogging and AI. Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to share information, connect with others, and even make money. With the advancements in AI technology, it’s now possible to take your blogging efforts to the next level and generate income in new and exciting ways. In this guide, we’ll explore the different ways that AI can be used to make money blogging, including automating content creation, optimizing SEO, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting out, you’ll find valuable insights and strategies that will help you monetize your blog and achieve your financial goals. So, let’s get started!

Using AI to Generate Income through Blogging

Generating Income by Selling AI-Created Blog Content

In today’s digital age, the use of AI technology has become increasingly prevalent in the world of blogging. With the ability to generate high-quality content at a rapid pace, AI has opened up new opportunities for bloggers to monetize their efforts. One such opportunity is selling AI-generated blog posts. This concept involves using AI to create unique and engaging blog content that can be sold to other websites or businesses. In this guide, we’ll explore how to effectively use AI to generate blog posts, how to market and sell your AI-created content, and the potential income streams that can be generated through this method. Whether you’re a blogger looking for new ways to monetize your efforts or a business owner looking for fresh content, this guide will provide valuable insights and strategies for making money through AI-generated blog posts.

This tutorial was completed using the Simplified writing software. However, the steps can be adapted to other similar services like:

1. Create an Account with Simplified for Generating AI Articles and many more things with Simple Clicks

simplified ai

After thoroughly reviewing this process, the initial step to take would be to visit Simplified and select a plan that fits your needs.

Base plane start with 30$ but first try free forever plan with 3000 words per month then purchase

Simplified AI

There are so many things offer by Simplified but we only discuss on Ai content Writing

  • Download the Simplified Chrome Extension to easily post to socials straight from your browser.
  • Secures the early adopter price before the software becomes widely popular

Obtaining a better deal by purchasing through their website using this specific link

Simplified ai

Delaying the creation of any content using this software until our profiles are established, job offers are received, and initial writing jobs from clients are accepted.

If you’re satisfied with the outcome and want to expand, it is possible to upgrade your account to a monthly subscription or inquire about stacking another Lifetime deal with the company

It is important to remember that this software only requires a one-time payment and does not require any subscription.

2. Register on Upwork, Textbroker, and/or Fiverr

Creating an account on these websites grants access to a wide database of writing projects, many of which have minimal skill requirements.

For maximum visibility and increased likelihood of finding well-paying writing jobs, it is recommended to create an account on all three of these websites.



Upwork has been assisting freelancers in building their careers across various industries since 2005

Upwork provides access to thousands of job listings on a daily basis, including opportunities in fields such as marketing, design, programming, sales, web development, customer support, translation, project management, content creation, copywriting, and product management, among others.

For the purposes of this example, we will be specifically focusing on creating blog posts with a word count of approximately 1,000 words.

If you aim to charge higher rates or offer articles with a greater word count, you are free to do so. It’s worth noting that larger blog posts can command higher prices, but it requires a plan with a higher word count.


Earn money writing content

Textbroker enables users to bid on a variety of gigs, from social media posting to ghostwriting.

When a client expresses interest in hiring you, they will send an introduction letter outlining the task they would like to complete.

After that, you submit bids based on your hourly rate. The client will pay the winning bidder directly through PayPal.

We will be focusing on writing blog posts with around 1,000 words for clients on Textbroker


Similar to Textbroker, Fiverr also offers freelance gig opportunities to its community members, but unlike Textbroker, it is free to join.

In addition, the price range for services offered can be set anywhere between $5-$500+ based on the service you choose to focus on.

Register for an account and create a job posting that states you will create blog posts with 1,000 words for the price of your choice.

It’s important to note that this plan grants access to between 8 and 100 1-click blog posts, so be sure to determine a reasonable income per blog post based on your Simplified AI plan.

It is suggested to charge no less than $20 per project at the beginning, as earning $5 is not adequate to make it worthwhile, even if you spend only 5 minutes creating the article.

Clients will reach out to you through the Fiverr platform when they want further information or to communicate about the job.

3. Fully Complete Your Writing Profiles

It is crucial to fill out your written profile correctly to avoid rejection or giving the impression of being untrustworthy to potential clients.

As you might know, it is crucial to include specific details about yourself on your profile page.

Consider it as a resume, provide information about your educational background, skills, professional accomplishments, personal interests, hobbies, and other relevant information.

Anything that aids prospective clients in identifying the type of writer they are searching for.

Then, indicate if you speak English fluently or not, and specify which languages you are proficient in. If you are still learning a language, provide evidence of your progress.

Draw inspiration from other profiles on these websites and replicate the techniques used by the most successful ones, while incorporating your own unique touch.

4. Acquire the Title/Topic, Description, Keywords, and Outline from the Client

Make an effort to obtain this information from the client before commencing work on their blog post.

Include in your writing profiles that you require these specific details before starting, to ensure that the article aligns with their expectations.

  • The title or topic of the requested blog post
  • A brief description or meta description for the content
  • Recommended keywords
  • A comprehensive outline of the client’s desired content for the blog

Since the Free Forever plan only includes 3 blog generations per month, it is essential to ensure that we can utilize and sell as many of them as feasible. (You can use your Other Emails)

Upgrading can always be considered when You make good money because Simplified AI offer Wide range of Services in one Platform

Keep in mind, the more detailed and informative data you provide, the more accurate and on-topic the AI will be able to write your blog.

If you have acquired a higher-tier plan, you will have more freedom with your content generation.

Tip: If you don’t have a client project intake form already and want to simplify the process, create a Google form with the information required from the client.

5. Input the Client’s Blog Requirements into the Simplified AI Simple Click Blog Generator

The purpose of acquiring all of the information from the client is to facilitate our work and ensure that the AI software returns the most accurate data that aligns with the client’s expectations.

The software creates new and unique text using AI, based on the provided title and headline, and it can even reference different sections of the article. (Even they have inbuild plagiarism checker in paid plan)

6. Review and Verify the Article for Accuracy

Do NOT send it to the client yet!

Initially, examine the article and read through it attentively. Fact-checking and editing the work will require some time.

Ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the quality of the work before accepting payment from the client is vital.

As a general guideline, you should aim to verify every sentence and paragraph.

If any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, factual inaccuracies or any other errors are detected, ensure that they are corrected before sending them to the client for review.

Sometimes this process takes a few minutes, but other times, depending on the complexity of the topic, it may require extensive editing to produce an article that meets the client’s standards.

7. Refining, Formatting, and Editing the AI Generated Content

If the article does not fully align with your and your client’s requirements, copy the output and paste it into a Word document or Google Doc for editing.

Read it again, format the text, add any necessary links or additional text for the client.

It may be necessary to delete any irrelevant text output or replace it with more coherent content.

What to Charge for an AI-Generated Blog?

Overcharging can result in unrealistic expectations, wasted articles, and stress, whereas undercharging can lead to excessive workload and inadequate compensation.

Let’s perform some basic calculations to determine an appropriate rate for creating and selling blog posts with AI to clients.

Profit Calculation for Selling 25 AI Blog Posts: Using the Base Plan at $30

Take into account the basic plan at $30/month, which allows for up to 25 individual 1,000-word blog posts per month:

  • Minimum 20 AI-Generated blogs per month X $40 charge = $800
  • Minimum 20 AI-Generated blogs per month X $100 charge = $2000

Bear in mind that Fiverr, Textbroker, and Upwork will all impose a small additional fee for obtaining work through their platform. On this scale, it will be relatively insignificant, but we can assume a 2% – 5% platform fee.

Simplified AI

Tips and Recommendations for Creating AI Articles for Clients

Having gained insight on how to monetize blogging with AI writing software, here are some additional tips that will aid in achieving success and satisfying clients.

Provide clear instructions on what you aim to achieve with each individual post. Offer comprehensive explanations for both non-technical readers and individuals unfamiliar with your area of expertise.

Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization

An essential aspect that many clients will seek is to ensure that their content is SEO optimized for ranking in Google.

Include popular keywords and consider what the blog post should target for ranking.

If you possess a good understanding of SEO techniques, you can include this information in your profile and charge extra for ensuring that the articles are SEO optimized.

A few popular keyword research tools include:

Please note that there are many other tools available and the best one for you may depend on your specific needs and budget.

Choose one or two of these keyword research tools, enter the keywords provided by the client, and ensure that the content includes these words. Simple and easy.

Meet the Client’s Expectations

Ensure that you are capable of fulfilling all of the client’s requirements.

Even if you sometimes exceed expectations, most writers tend to underestimate the word count at first.

Typically, auto-generated blog posts from the Simplified AI software will range between 700 – 1,500 words, usually around 1,000 words.

Most importantly: Do Not Forget to always include a summary of the main points you plan to cover.

Individuals generally dislike long paragraphs filled with extraneous information. Keep your summaries brief and informative, and divide your content with useful headings.

Obtaining Feedback for Improvements

Finally: After completing an assignment, you should ask for feedback before starting another one. Ask questions such as:

  • What did you like about the article?
  • What can be improved?
  • Is there anything else you want to discuss about this project?
  • Is there anything else you would like to mention?

If your client was pleased and satisfied, ensure to ask them to leave you a positive review. This leads us to our next part…

Obtain Positive Reviews, Avoid Negative Reviews at All Costs


Your reputation is crucial on these freelance platforms.

If you want to secure more writing opportunities, potential clients need to see that others have hired you and were satisfied with the outcome.

If they come across a lot of negative reviews on your profile, they will likely choose to work with someone else who has better reviews.

It is essential to have positive reviews on your profile as it helps in building trust and credibility with potential clients. It is essential to take care of any unhappy clients and make sure to resolve any issues they may have, even if it means providing a refund. This will help you to get more writing jobs and increase your chances of getting more clients.

It’s essential to maintain a positive reputation on freelance writing platforms by ensuring that clients are satisfied with your work and leaving positive reviews. This can be achieved by meeting their requirements, providing high-quality work, and addressing any issues or complaints promptly. Even if it means taking a lower paying job or providing a refund, it’s important to prioritize maintaining a positive reputation to attract more clients and opportunities in the future.

Final Part on Making Money Using AI to Write Blogs for Clients

Keep in mind that AI writing tools may not always be completely reliable.

Be prepared for errors and inconsistencies when using AI writing tools and always proofread and fact-check before sending to clients. Continuously gather feedback and strive for 5-star reviews to maintain a positive reputation.

Use detailed input to get the best output from AI blog generation software.

Perfecting your strategies for AI content creation will require a significant amount of experimentation and testing to achieve consistent and desirable outcomes.

Making good AI content takes a lot of practice and testing. It can be helpful to get feedback from a person, an editor, to make sure the content is good and make the process less stressful

Have you ever tried using AI technology to make money by writing blogs? Are there any other ways to do it that you know of?

Please share with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you guys. If you have any doubt then tell me

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can AI writing software produce high-quality content?

Ans: The quality of content generated by AI writing software can vary greatly depending on the software and the inputs provided. It is important to fact check and edit the AI-generated content before submitting it to a client.

Q: Is it ethical to use AI to write blog posts for clients?

Ans: The use of AI in content creation is a controversial topic, with some arguing that it is not ethical to pass off AI-generated content as original work. It is important to be transparent with clients about the use of AI in the writing process and to ensure that the content is properly edited and fact-checked.

Q: Can I make a good income by writing blog posts with AI?

Ans: It is possible to make a good income by writing blog posts with AI, but it depends on factors such as your pricing, the quality of your content, and your reputation on freelance platforms. It is important to establish a fair pricing system and to work on building a positive reputation with clients.

Q: Is it necessary to have prior experience as a writer to make money with AI writing?

Ans: It is not necessary to have prior experience as a writer to make money with AI writing, but it can help. It is important to have a basic understanding of grammar and punctuation, as well as the ability to fact check and edit the AI-generated content.

Q: Are there any legal implications to using AI writing software for clients?

Ans: It is important to check the terms of service for the AI writing software you are using, as some may have restrictions on the use of their software for commercial purposes. It is also important to be transparent with clients about the use of AI in the writing process and to ensure that all content is original and not plagiarized. But in This article, we use good to go AI writer with built-in Plagiarism checker.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date on the latest developments in AI writing technology?

Ans: Joining online communities and forums for AI writing and participating in discussions can also be a great way to stay informed and connect with other professionals in the field. you can join your Quora space

Q: How do I handle clients who are unhappy with the AI-written content I provide?

Ans: When dealing with clients who are unhappy with the AI-written content you provide, it’s important to first understand the reason for their dissatisfaction. It could be due to a lack of understanding of how AI writing technology works, or it could be due to poor quality or inaccuracies in the content. It’s important to communicate openly and honestly with the client, and to be willing to make revisions or provide a refund if necessary. It’s also important to gather feedback and use it to improve your future AI writing projects.

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